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Here at Biol we truly believe that the world is our oyster. As such, we are fortunate to be able to select the best resources without being restrained by geography. This applies universally to our products, our partners and our people. Above all, we value the trust of our customers and seek to uphold it, by easily satisfying them with the best.

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Biol is your single source of meat and dairy products for all your needs, whether you require it for your table or for your processing plant. We offer premium value when you are looking for safety, consistent quality and unique ingredients.

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    SIAL China 2018

    Asia???s largest and the 4th biggest food innovation exhibition in the world takes place on 16-18 May in Shanghai. SIAL China …
  • Getting protein out of grass, research

    Getting protein out of grass, research

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    Dairy trends, ???fizzy milk??? in China

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We offer you


A variety of grass fed and grain fed meat from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Argentina.
Young males of dairy breeds from Australia and New Zealand
Carcasses and cuts from Australia and New Zealand, as well Argentina and is approved for major markets.
Hormone free pork from renowned producers in Canada, EU, Brazil and Chile.
Exquisite range of kangaroo, horse and camel meat from Australia, New Zealand and South America.


Variety of origin taste cheeses for processing and retail applications from Australia, NZ, Ireland and Uruguay.
Full cream, skim milk and whey powders that can be formulated to custom specification.
Pure animal fats (without vegetable fat inclusions) from Australia, New Zealand, EU and South America.
A source of nutrition for specific applications, such as baby formulas and sports needs.


Native and modified potato starches from the EU.
Sourced directly from farmers with no preservatives, no anti-caking agents or salt.


High-quality natural and collagen sausage casings with an assortment of calibres and excellent clarity.
Premium range of high-quality confectionery. Smooth, rich and fresh chocolate from Europe with more than 100 products in portfolio.